The Good in You

We must carry each other.
If we don't have this,
what are we?
-Anne Michaels, Fugitive Pieces

Two uplifting examples of the good in you:



Ruth said...

I'm glad to see the wormhole between you and me is still open and functional.

While all the systems of the world have locked up and human intervention just seems impossible and fruitless, I just keep asking myself what can be done, what can I do? Well that was what I said to the universe yesterday.

Then this morning you posted this. And I also got updates from the blogger who posts Rob Brezsny's stuff.


Are you stateside yet?

lovely you said...

Hi, Ruth! I'm glad about the functioning wormhole, too. We actually just booked our flight home for August 30th, so we still have a little over two months to go. I am getting antsy, but trying to stay grounded in the reality of being here now. Headed over to Pronoia Resources...